(702) 459-9462
(709) 593-9396
(802) 239-2293
    Emergency Line: 405.262.3434 
Jail Information: 405.422.3188 

SDA and Fingerprints are available Monday thru Friday, 8AM to 10AM.

You should bring the following with you when turning in your SDA paperwork:

  - Your Oklahoma Dirvers License
  - Training Certificate (Must bring original NOT a copy)
  - Two(2) passport size photos (write your name and social security number on back of each)
  - Completed SDA Application
  - $25.00 Sheriff's Office Fee (cash or money order, if cash MUST be exact amount)
  - License Fee (payable by money order or cashiers check)

You should NOT bring the following with you:
children, purses, cell phones, pocket knives or weapon of any kind.

For futher information please contact Sheila Preno at (405) 262-4787 or Christine Orr at (405) 422-3187

  The Canadian County Sheriff's Office has officially launched our Wise Eyes Program. We are in the process of preparing our website for this program. Until we have this project completed, please email your Wise Eyes information to 479-381-4529 and please check back soon to see our progress!
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