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Planning your rides has never been easier

Teacher selects the car, time in which he wants to teach. Its only a few clicks.
Student selects preferred car, time and instructor. He gets ideal time for a drive.
Rides are automatically assigned to students. ... and time is awesome for everybody.

Online planning saves time and increases popularity

Webová stránka You receive a modern webpage designed for your driving school for free after registration.

You can instantly fill your webpage with data, easily via your account. Students will register there - and plan their rides. Page also has these features:
  • registration and manage system of users [students, instructors...]
  • online testing of students via always updated tests
  • management of the site via administration
  • photo and video gallery
  • unlimited number of subpages
  • news
  • your own design
  • and a lot more!

Functions and services for management of your driving school

Manage cars

Add and delete cars you own via administration. Instructors and students can then choose a car which they want to drive from the list.

Manage employees

Select your employees via administration and assign them their rights. It gives them a right to plan rides on cars in the periods you plan.

Manage students

Student can select his rides online after he registers. Besides that he can also do online tests etc. You can view his profile and see everything he has done.

Plan rides

You can plan your rides manually, automatically, and you can also choose a period in which you can assign lessons manually after automatic system. Just after that period students can see when they have a ride. Students can also get rides which are avaiable the day after or 2 days after.

Online tests

Students can test themselfs with always updated tests from theory via online tests. Their progress is saved to their history and they (and also you) can check how they were doing and where they made a mistake. Statistics of the hardest questions is also created, thanks to that you can point out the hardest questions.


Students and your costumers can see the newest informations and offers from your driving school on your site thanks to the news. News can be shared via Facebook, which brings even more students for your driving school! Of course there is also a possibility to comment news, vote etc.

and a lot more

Your own design, www address, online registration, photo and video gallery, questions and answers, references ... everything what a driving school needs.
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